About Me

I'm a Texas based portrait photographer currently residing in the city that's twice as nice, Texarkana! Originally from the vibrant city of Dallas, I've found my creative haven nestled in the scenic landscapes of East Texas.

By the grace of God I grew up in an artistic family surrounded by creativity in every form, my form being photography. I'm what some would call an old soul but I think it's just cause I love old things. I have a deep love for antiques and vintage everything. I own a booth at the local flea market as well.

I'm an easy does it type of person and love taking life one slow step at a time. I've taken my time trying to get to know myself and my photography and really focus on what makes something worth keeping. I love the thought of memories and the emotions they can bring just from a photograph.

Maddy + Matthew

This is Matty my amazing other half, my muse and partner in all my adventures. I don't know what I would've done had I not found the love of my life nestled away in a small town in east Texas. We spend every moment we can scouring antique malls, flea markets and estate sales looking for anything and everything vintage. We feed off each others creative energy and its so much easier to be myself when i'm with him.

"Love that's like the good old days is like a classic song that never gets old—simple, lasting, and always heartwarming."